Saturday, July 25, 2009

Schoeneck Community Days

First thing upon arrival, Candace and I were asked to guard the sound tent.

The first shady characters we chased away were the members of another band who wanted to set up their sound system! (I think they were more suspicious of us than we were of them.)

Conrad shakes his head over "their" sound system.

One Man Audience
The band was about as popular as their sound system.

A three-legged photographer (you'll just have to trust me on the photographer part).

They look like they're missing something.

Maybe they are!

Candy Bomber

A whole tray of french fries later, she still looks like she is missing something.

Considering everything was ten cents (that's right - just ten cents!), I find it rather interesting that the icecream window on the right has so little business compared to the other window.

Now, we Martins... we definitely had a partiality for that right window.

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