Saturday, August 22, 2009

July 4th

I was feeling more like having pictures taken of me than taking pictures myself. ;-)

Which is why there are no pictures from the family gathering we went to and only a few from the celebration at the Stoltzfuses. Here, folks are gathering ammunition for what I have heard called "the Great Balloon Toss of '09."

Considering it was such a momentous event, it is a shame I got so few photos.

Click here for my friend's very complete coverage.

Awards for the winners of the men and boys' shooting contest.

That's my brother!

This photographer was being so annoying that he was locked up behind bars. He kept right on shooting though. ;-)

Well, we've been hearing about an awful lot of shootin' but here's more.

Mr. Rea's pretty incredible water balloon cannon!

Since those of you who have a special interest in the photos from this event have probably already seen over half a dozen photos of this technological marvel, I will stop with these. :-)

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Abigail said...

Not even bars will stop the dedication of some! ;-)