Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Knights of the Straight Bridge

Swordplay - the male idea of fun.

Interference, interference!

"Sorry is has to be this way, Josh."

And then he merrily watches as...

...Sir Joshua retrieves his sword.

During a time out, Sir Raine and his squire appraise their opponents' strength.

What they forget is their strategy!

Unseen, Sir Samuel slips into the rear...

...and delivers a mortal blow to Sir Raine.

"Thou treacherous knave!"

Out of luck, out of the battle, out of spirits, and still muttering "cheating scoundrel!' under his breath.

Among the younger generation, this is definitely one of the favorite places. Among the older generation, it is perhaps the most dreaded.

(That caption should have a familiar ring to all you old faithfuls. :-)

Sisterly Encouragement

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~Rebecca~ said...

HAHAHA! That was awesome! My Justin (I've been courting for 6 months!) had a "sword" fight with my brothers months ago when we had been courting only a week! I took pics too! It's amazing how much pleasure men/boys get from whacking away at each other with sticks!!