Saturday, November 14, 2009

All roads lead to Gettysburg?

This one sure does.

You've heard that Gettysburg was all about shoes? On the way in, Mr. Raine made sure that we wouldn't mistake this for the shoe factory.

Mr. Raines calls the first halt. He had the authority to. See part IV of General Orders:

IV. The Chief Engineer will direct the army, as he may think proper, to proceed to Gettysburg, and occupy that ground until 6:00 p.m.

This wasn't an official father and daughter trip, but here's a father and daughter... (Believe me, the dads always make it fun. :)

Mr. Raine puts a non-existent bird into a non-existent nest in a non-existent tree; but, it wasn't a fictional bird, a fictional nest, or a fictional tree. There really was such a bird and such a nest and such a tree at the battle of Gettysburg.


See this guy in the sunglasses? Well, remember him. He's going to be popping up a lot this post.

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