Saturday, November 14, 2009

The train must have just gone.

How do I know? It's tracks are still here of course.

(That one was passed down from Pappy to Mom and then to me.)

Mr. Raine uses me as a prop to illustrate firing from the second rank.

Searching for the definition of "enfilade fire" in the eleven pages of information we were given.

Emma takes a well-earned rest from photography.

With his back to the plaque
(He knows what is on it),
All the info it lacks,
He'll supply every bit.

Kara's latest method of rolling her eyes over the gory details of... sorry to let you hanging -- just too gory for the blog. ;-)

Every once in a while, we'd get close to one of the "real" tours (no offense to you, Mr. Raine).

A "real tour" gets close to us -- a bit too close for Mr. Phero's liking.

I told you he'd be popping up; in this case, popping up to pop a sticker on his unsuspecting sister-in-law's back.


Josiah E. said...

Beautiful picture of the train track Carmen!

Sylvia said...

Love the train track joke. Sounds so much like your mom's family! Nice pictures!

Carmen M. said...

Candace took the tracks photo with the Raine's camera. She doesn't use a camera that often, but, when she does, she usually makes it worth it.