Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Annual Event: Pear Butter Day

The evening before, Mom's whole family (which is over 100 people) gets together to peel the pears.

And the best part is, the men help.

Next day, all one hundred and more are back.

Dad makes an appearance to do his share of the work. Why? Maybe so that he gets his share of the results? But since he deosn't like the results, that doesn't quite figure. He does always show up at lunch time - maybe that's it...

Classic Newswanger Transportation...

...transports us to classic Newswanger sport.

1 - 2 - 3 Fire!

"Any of you girls want to shoot?"

The girls wouldn't miss this chance - not by a long shot.

They go through the ammunition too.

I get a kick out of this picture (looks like Candace is too :).

I have to admit, we girls do look a little top-heavy holding these shotguns.

We made a deal with my cousin Curvin: If you let us drive your truck around today...

...we'll wash it for you when we're finished.

It didn't take long. Getting the group photos took longer.

You're thinking I'm in my element right? It was camera overload even for me. (They had to refresh me on how to use the film cameras.)

Pappy checks out the Food/Lifestyle section of the world. Bet he won't find that cooking pears or shooting claybirds or having thirteen children is the norm. We have a great heritage. I wish I could share it with you; as it is, I'm doing my best.


Sylvia said...

Aww, I love that picture of Pappy... as always it looks like the Newswangers were having too much fun!

Rohirrim Maiden said...

I love that picture of you with all the cameras, Carmen! Needless to say, it looks like you have earned yourself a reputation, whether you want it or not!

Hannah Lashbrook