Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Martin's Go to the Mountains

Faith waxes eloquent on our "easy access" to the bike trail. That was the joke of the week.

The Object

And... the Objective.

Conrad leads us in a verse of "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?" (His hot dog had just fallen in the fire you see.)

Candace keeps a close eye on her dog after that.

Any doubt who's behind the name?

Didn't have much choice, did I?

Raines, we remembered you when we were at the cabin; we just forgot the s on the end of your name.

Glo (for once I'll use your nickname ;-), you're glowing.

And that's the end of the fiery hand-writing in the dark. Now the rest of you faithful viewers that didn't get your names featured, don't feel left out - we did think of you. One of two things happened. Either your name was too long to squeeze into one frame in 15 seconds (e.g. Einwechter, Stoltzfus, Bohannon, Zwolinski) or our stick burned too short before we got to you.

I make a complimentary appearance on my own blog doing what I'm always doing on here, documenting life.

Candace tries as well, but with limited success.

Mervin: You wrote that!?

Conrad tells me I'm not allowed to caption this "art."


Sylvia said...

Very amazing fireside handwriting!

Rohirrim Maiden said...

I love your firey hand-writing -- I shall go and comfort Anna Bohannon and Kristen Stoltzfus. They shall be very disappointed not to see their names up there (just teasing, Anna and Kristen).

I noticed the pen sticking up behind Candace's head; is it holding her bun in place, or simply staying in a place out of reach of little fingers?

Hannah Lashbrook

Josiah E. said...

Awesome writing with light Carmen! I have always wanted to try this effect but I wasn't exactly sure how to do it and I haven't had he opportunity to experiment. You all did an awesome job on it though!

Haha, I really like the last picture and how you still really just labeled it "art", which of course means "I have no idea what to call this picture but I thought it was cool". ;)

Carmen M. said...

Josiah, only a fellow blogger would see through that one. I confess. It was just a round about way of still labeling it "art," because, like you said, I didn't have the time to come up with something else.

About the fiery handwriting, the most challenging part of that is the actual writing which has to be done backwards. Candace gets the credit for that. And, actually, the real reason more of you weren't featured was that it took so many trials to get each one we did, that we might have had some serious fatigue if we had stayed up late enough to do everyone. My sincerest apologies, Kristen and Anna. I try not to show favoritism... ;-)

It's the latter, Hannah. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how you did the "fire writing" but it is amazing!!
~Mrs. Groff~

glo said...

awww! My name made the blog!! I do feel incredibly special & fortunate! I would like that pic, btw, if your sharing. ;) they're great!