Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lunch was a grim affair...

...regardless if it was carrots or...

...sugar wafers.

Something wrong with your lunch too, Karen? :-)

Back inside, we found some pretty graphic nightlights.

Candace and Emma found just the thing to take with them when they go out to feed their chickens. ;-)

What's this? A bargain box maybe?

We tried. We searched that whole store, but we finally just had to leave. They didn't have any bargains good enough for us. But, of course, I'm forgetting. We did get in free to see the wildlife, which is what we went for right? And at a zoo there's a fee. So... :)

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Josiah E. said...

I love the lunch sequence Carmen! Something tells me you were looking in vain for some "nice" pictures from lunch and then the blogger in you decided that "nice" pictures weren't half as much fun to blog as the pictures with all of the wild expressions! :)

The one of Candace and Emma turned out very nicely.