Saturday, November 28, 2009

We go on a little excursion to...

...a big store. Can you guess?

Yes, for better or for worse, we went to Cabela's.

I'm afraid we made a big moostake coming here.

It looks like it could be beary dangerous.

Wildlife: It's what we looked at all day, but probably not what you want to look at all day. So we'll just get it all over with now.

But that doesn't mean that you won't have to look at us looking at the wildlife.

A dear among deer.
(This was taken in the deer room, hence the caption.)

Abigail contemplates... ... You'll have to let us know what, Abigail.

That's a cheater's rack, Isaac. Go shoot your own. :-)

"Exclusive!" At that price, I should think it's exclusive! It excludes us, that's for sure.

"As Advertised"... Maybe as advertised to the rich. Candace you have mighty expensive taste.

"Pre-owned" looks a little more like our price range. Not that I'm planning to buy a gun or anything...

Of course, we went in! What do you take us for? After all, we are Martins, Einwechters, Raines, and Eashes, aren't we? And don't we just love a good bargain?

They have an amazing amount of clothes that have nothing to do with outdoor living - more than we bargained for.

Karen tries to find the ever-elusive bargain.

Candace takes one last longing look at an exclusive skirt.


Scott Eash said...

"Candace you have mighty expensive taste."

Candace?!? Is this the same Candace that unscrews lightbulbs in order to save money? ;-)

Rohirrim Maiden said...

Trust the girls to find the girly clothes in the outdoors sporting store!

Josiah E. said...

Hey, just because you wouldn't spend the money doesn't mean you can't want the item. ;)

Candace said...

The very one Scott, but stop having a conniption until I explain myself!! I like how Josiah summed it up. But in my own defence: I'm not so economical to the point of loosing my taste though, of course, I don't endulge on the "exclusive" offers:).
I think I shall forever be haunted by that character sketch, Carmen! ;)

Isaac said...

Well Carmen, I did what you said I should do. I went and shot a buck with a larger rack then the one I'm holding in the picture. ;-)If you haven't seen the one I got, you should go check it out on facebook.

Carmen M. said...

I wondered if you would notice the coincidence. :)It is so ironic, because, when I wrote the caption, I never thought of it that you might actually shoot one. I didn't even think about it that hunting season is here. I did see the photo on Facebook. Congratulations.