Saturday, January 9, 2010

And don't forget to thank me on Thanksgiving because...

...sometimes I get plumb tired of blogging.

Such hard decisions. (Like what to caption this picture.)


Josiah E. said...

Let me just say that this post really struck a cord with me, I wonder why? :)

BTW, I love your caption on the last one!

Isaac said...

Well since I didn't know I was supposed to thank you on thanksgiving, I'll thank you know. Probably the single most thing I can thank you for, is the consistency of your posts. I don't think there's a bi-weekly Saturday that has gone by, with out something new on The Saturday Post. I know it's probably hard to keep up the regularity of post, but you've done a great job. Also, I like how the pictures and captions keep getting better.
Keep up the concurring work!