Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Apples and the Press

Full dish.

One in, whole dish to go.

All in.

All but two.

The historic moment - the last apple.

Or not so historic? Sort of anticlimactic, not, to find another whole dish of apples?

We stand outside the ring of dedicated cider-makers. We have christened ourselves the "outciders."

More "outciders." They're out of cider and they've brought their pan to get some.

But to get some, you have to join the work crew, become an "incider" in fact!

We wanted some cider - wanted it bad.

Cider is obviously in. So are denim coats it appears.

Conrad gives a demonstration of how I used to try to make he and Candace "die" when we were playing "killed by Indians." They never could do it - fall flat on their faces keeping their arms behind their backs. As their drill sergeant, I used to get so frustrated. I wonder why I never showed them how it's done?

This is how the Einwechters start sword fights.

This is how the Einwechters end rubber-band fights.

Candace, take some lessons from Abigail...

...she watches what she's doing.

Jenga - a game of inevitable doom.

That doesn't mean there aren't small victories along the way though.

(I can't call this photo terrible since Jonathan took it, but... :-)
They were all clamoring for me to post it. I figured I get a lot of fun at other people's expense, and so I might as well let you have some at mine. ;-)

Don't breathe for one second.

What did I tell you... Inevitable doom.

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Josiah E. said...

Carmen, someday you will see the light and realize that Denim coats *are* style! :)

Great post as always! And as always, I enjoy seeing pictures of myself. :)