Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back to the lectures and the heart-wrenching task of picking one out of five.

Sometimes the decision wasn't hard and one name would just jump out.

Sorry, but this is just pretty typical.

I'm going to have my children take notes at this age too.

During the child-training session, I had fun watching this little fellow roam the aisle. ;-)

Jasmine Baucham takes a publicity shot with Mrs. Hoffman. ;-)


I'd say today homeschooling has some pretty fine graduates.


Josiah E. said...

LOL, this is too good! I took quite a few pictures of the little boy in the fifth picture and I think I also captured the same conversation between Karen and Anna Sophia, albeit from a slightly different angle. I really like the way you incorporated the sign into the shot. :)

Carmen M. said...

So our minds think alike, which means we have great minds, right? ;-)