Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Evening at Dutch Lanes

I scratched my head over the "bowling socks" for a while. Then the voice of experience, i.e. Derrick, told me that they really aren't any different than any other socks. Whew that was close! Glad he was along and my wallet wasn't. ;-)

Lessons came first, even though this photo was taken at the end of the evening. What does that mean? It means we were still getting lessons at the end of the evening, of course.

Though not yet a graduate bowler...

...she does have her college degree in babysitting.

Conrad's ball-picking rationale: "Red is hot... Heat lessens friction... The less friction, the more speed... The faster my ball, the more pins go down... Ha!"

Ha yourself!

(Later he admitted that he's not certain that heat does lessen friction. That must have been the tragic flaw.)

I think bowling might be a game right down Clayton's alley.

"We're a family and we act like one." - quote from Dad recently

Somebody's winning; and somebody's not.

The question is... which is which?

Do we even need to ask?

Dad's score hangs in the balance. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

What's this? I can't believe my dad is letting me eat french fries fried in oil.

Son, you stop eating all that cholesterol right now!

I told Conrad that I wasn't planning to post this because it would reflect more badly on my photography skills than on his bowling skills. Then I couldn't resist. :)

If you were close enough, you really would get a kick out of this guy's bowling technique.

A rare photo of me enjoying myself.
(Note, the photo's rare, not my enjoying myself.)

I'm not there to see, but I'm guessing this behavior is reminiscent of what goes on at the Denver Wholesale Food's office?

*whispers to bear in lobby* Brace yourself for some beary confidential information... We just got a load of honey in at Denver Wholesale.

"Hey, Daddy, this bear just told me that you got a truck load of honey in."

So much for "beary confidential."


Conrad said...

After thinking about it some more, I decided that I think heat does lessen fiction. But, since explaining it would be such a long dissertation, I guess anyone interested will have to ask me themselves sometime.

Dad said...

That was fun! We should do it again sometime.

Anonymous said...

If you wouldn't have said anything about the "poor quality" of the picture... none of us less professional souls would've ever known!! :)
~Mrs. Groff~

Anonymous said...

Heat does not lessen friction. If it did, it would be impossible to light a fire with a stick on a bow. Friction causes heat and, if heat reduced friction, as the stick heated up, the friction would lessen, thus lessening the heat produced. As we know, the oposite happens - friction continues and the stick continues to heat up until smoke, then fire are produced.

By the way, I can tell you that that behavior is QUITE typical of the DWF office.

~Physics Professor Since Two Minutes Ago and Former DWF Veteran

Conrad said...

I did not say that heat lessens fiction in all circumstances. However, I do think it would in the case of the bowling ball. Consider a jumping jack, a machine that jumps up and down on one leg to pack down earth, as the machine jumps up and down slowly it gives a jarring motion ,but as it jumps faster the jarring turns into a vibration and the faster it jumps the smoother it gets. Now, as the cold bowling ball goes down the ally its atoms bounce around slowly causing it to jostle from side to side. The hotter the bowling ball is, the faster the atoms bounce around, and the faster the atoms bounce around, the smoother the ride. The smoother the ride, the less friction.