Saturday, March 6, 2010

Family Update

Charity has been learning all the various shades of baking recently.

Dad doesn't quite measure up anymore. ;-)

In character, it's Conrad who doesn't quite measure up. He's had this obsession with rubberbands lately, causing his sisters to serve him with fear and trembling. :)


Isaac said...

Ah, Conrad, you have taken after our ways in using rubber bands. Back in the day, our family used to have massive rubber band battles in our house, which usually involved all of us children who were present at the time. The only problem was our sisters did not easily serve us with fear and trembling because we threatened to shoot them. They usually picked up the rubber bands that we shot at them and sent them whizzing back. Causing us to fear them equally. Ah, those were good times. :)

@Conrad's sisters: Try doing what my sisters did. Like confiscating some of his ammo, or picking up the bands he shoots at you and sending them back at him. He will quickly learn that his sisters are not easily oppressed. ;)

One of Conrad's Sisters said...

You think we're easily oppressed??! Oh no, we're just not easily provoked, you see. ;-)

Hey, you all got me into a snowball fight; you might get me into a rubber band fight yet.