Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Clean and Dirty of it is - We're Remodeling

Arm and hammer have been busy lately but...

...they haven't been making things cleaner.

Pennsylvania Dutch folks that we are, we have been chasing all that dirt.

The days the builders don't sweep the porch, we do. We don't do it very often, which tells you something about the character of the construction crew.

Eeek! That piece of dirt had eight legs.

People put such stock in open doors. Let's just say, I'm not so sure they're always meant to walk through.

And closed doors - sometimes they're meant to be opened.

Reminds me of Samson leaning on the two pillars.

The boys getting a concrete education on construction.

As the builders pushed us out of more and more rooms, there were more and more books to pack away. Candace stayed on top of the packing, thankfully.

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