Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mom on the laptop? What other surprises does this modern era have in store for us?

Battleship - now there's a laptop that's been around a long time.

If you were an admiral and if you had just been told that your entire fleet had been sunk, you might look a little startled too.

Actual Interview with Mercy

Sat. Even. Post: What does this picture remind you of?
Mercy: I drank coffee and it was not good and too much sugar went in and I was sad.
SEP: Would you ever drink coffee again?
Mercy: No
SEP: Never?
Mercy: But I will drink it sometimes when it's like - like - like when it's good.
SEP: So you think coffee will be good someday?
Mercy: Yea
SEP: Why?
Mercy: Cause I like it.

(Whoa, I think I need to go back to kindergarten. Four-year-olds' logic is too much for me.)


Emma said...

The interview is cute! I can just imagine a 4 year old saying that!

Monique E. said...

Oh my! Mercy is too much!:-)