Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Many Things for Sale:

Twisted bamboo.

Twisted beads.

Authentic crown jewels - Yea, I'm twisting your arm. :-)

To browse or not to browse, that is the question.

What we were going to do wasn't really in question.

"Hey, Dad doesn't have this one, does he?"

To buy or not to buy, that wasn't really in question either.

To anyone planning to get into the soap business... I hate to tell you this, but there's competition in the area. ;-)

The lady selling soap wasn't the only bonny sight.

Sea of people meets small animal auction.

Which makes for a sticky, crowded, sweaty place. Some folks come prepared.

Some come more prepared.

Look, Daddy, how they're holding that poor rabbit.

This was the last photo I took before one of the auctioneers yelled up at me, "Hey, you up there, no pictures. Pictures aren't allowed in here." I suppose they're worried more people won't like the way they hold their rabbits.


Anonymous said...

As one of the owners of the animal auction at GD, I'll have you and your readers understand that this is the correct way to hold a rabbit that is a little less than cooperative. Otherwise, you would walk away with scratched and bloodied arms (and I've had my share). Just wanted to shine some light on your thoughts of why we discourage pictures.

Carmen M. said...

Sir, I really do sympathize. I raised rabbits for a while and often held them this way. Maybe I went a little too far in my captions. Sorry. I don't think you need to fear my readership; I doubt there are many over-concerned animal rights activists among them. I am curious though: Why do you not allow photos? Just to clear things up, our family appreciates and benefits from the small animal auction you run over there.