Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Green Dragon

A sea of people, a sea of boxes, and so much else to see.

Isaac doesn't quail from carrying quail.

CANDACE - Calculating Amount Net Dollars Auction Could Earn

(She sells quail at the small animal auction.)

Chic hair accessories? After all, they are yellow and fuzzy.

Shady Characters

Now we know why there's so many around.

In we went.

Mr. Raine, mobile lemonade stand, out to find customers.

Customer finds him.

We searched, but all the tables were full. So we set up camp in the parking lot. It wasn't the loveliest spot, but...

...I'd argue that the scenery was nicer than these folks' picnic area.

Nathan, not too keen on keeping company with the cigarette butts on the macadam.

Some people have such great attitudes (not to mention great seats).

The saga of a man and his sub.

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