Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello Everyone,

There's a place that I've thought it would be interesting to take pictures of for a while now; but I just wasn't getting there, which makes sense since it's several hundred miles away. Really it's just down the road. Thanks to the Raine family, who took some of us along with them when they went sightseeing, we became tourists in our own neighborhood. I'm sure the locals thought we were tourists too. I didn't see many cameras to begin with, and a big camera like ours is a very rare sight. More than that, two SLRs walking around together on girls my and Emma's ages made quite a sensation. One man told me to make a brochure, one lady wondered where these photos are going to show up, others were downright jumpy about having their photo taken, and once I was ordered to stop altogether. (More on that later.)

Oh, you all still don't know what place I'm talking about. How could that have happened? Not intentionally, surely? I'm talking about The Green Dragon, the famous local farmer's market. I like to call it the "melting pot of Ephrata." Everybody's there (and on Good Friday literally everybody's there), from the Spanish-jabbering Hispanics to the legendary Amish, chattering away in Pennsylvania Deutsch. It's a place with character.

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