Saturday, May 15, 2010

What We DIDN'T Give Mom for Mother's Day

Candace made Mom a beautiful card using one of her quilled flowers

Well, it was beautiful.

Conrad decided to cut something for her.

It was going to be a heart, but it ended up being a finger.

Faith made a banner to put up for her.

Instead of going up, it came down.

Making Mom's cake called for a team effort.

Baking Mom's cake nearly called for the fire company.

"Turn the hose on! Hurry!"

We figured we could at least get the house cleaned up for her.

But we forgot about snack time.


This was posted in honor of the one who wipes up the glue, bandages our fingers, teaches us how to bake, and picks up our crumbs. That one is Mom. Thanks, Mom, for all you do for us.

<><><> <><><> <><><>

Until I post again, God Bless.



Isaac said...

So...what type of cake caused such a blaze? ;-)

Now did all this stuff really happen? Because if it did, I think the day might have gone better if you all would just have stayed out of it. ;-)

Carmen M. said...

"Blazin' Red Velvet." No, really, it was a wad of newspaper floating in a pan of water. (I really shouldn't be giving our culinary secrets away like this.)

Ironically, we did make a cake, we did make cards, Faith did make a banner, and we did clean up the house. Most of the subsequent disasters aren't legitimate though. Mervin did spill glue, which gave me the idea for that one. He then spilled more glue when we tried to set up the photo you saw. Anyway, enough, before I give everything away. :-)