Saturday, June 26, 2010

IFRC Family Night

One of the guys who test the microphones week in and week out and never get any recognition for it.

The Phero's didn't have a monopoly on the poetry this time, but that doesn't mean they didn't do some.

Nathanael's poem was about the Battle of Bunker Hill. Somehow I think he had the wrong war in mind when he planned his costume. ;-)

Mercy makes her poetry debut. Mom was there for moral support (and memory support).

"The Chinese plate looked very blue..." And Charity didn't realize it, but so did she.

"Casey at the Bat"

(Though I have to say, the person at the bat looked an awful lot like someone I know. And I don't know any Caseys.)

Poetry over, here come some strings.

More strings and more camo.

I love Mrs. Claytons style. :-)

(Musicians argue over this, but the piano is considered a stringed instrument by enough people that I think I dare to put it in with the strings.)

We're back to recitation. The Mills' performance really belongs in the poetry section because, after all, the Psalms are poetry.

Oh, I got this photo in the wrong place too. It was poetry, even though he did make it up himself. :-)

While Josiah was telling us about the many self-defense maneuvers he and Isaac had learned in the class they took, a sinister hoodlum was creeping up behind him.

The classes paid off.

Some shady gangsters haul off their incapacitated crony.

Next time you don't have a hammer handy, use your head - use it to realize that you should not use your head as a hammer substitute.

You think wood is something? What about four slabs of concrete!

Hey, is that pre-cracked concrete?

That won't do. Bring on a new slab.

Isaac, they work so hard to make you a nice, comfy foot-rest, and then look what you go and do to it. :-)

And that's it for the evening. Oh, that's right. You all are still wondering why there was so much camouflage around. How could I have forgotten? The answer's easy: Because I don't have any photos of the play the boys did. All I have is this photo of the boys reviewing their lines last minute (I know, not too promising is it?). Well, keep going. This is the end of my Family Night photos, but you never know what surprises lie ahead.


Isaac said...

I think there could be two explanations as to why that slab broke. 1. When we got our concrete slabs, I did notice one of them had a slight flaw. This flaw produced a small gap about 1 in. in from the side. This would have made it a little easier to brake if in fact I actually had that slab. 2. The other possible explanation could be that when I was doing my test kicks, I was coming down harder then I thought. Or maybe I am stronger than I realized, and all I have to do is apply some pressure to slabs and they just break under it. :) These are two explanations that I could think of, but maybe there are more... ;)

Carmen M. said...

Don't sweat it, Isaac. :-)