Saturday, June 26, 2010

IFRC Boys' Skit Practice

(The Saturday Evening Post is finally, several weeks after the fact, allowed to publish some top-secret coverage brought to us by reporter Conrad Martin.)

Here is Conrad Martin now. So, Conrad, how are things coming on the play?

Thanks, Carmen. Right now I'm here in the IFRC church building. We just finished up our fifth play practice, which means just one more to go before the big day. There's a lot of excitement and camaraderie in the air around me right now.

Earlier on in the evening, my hat was at the wrong angle and... of the lead actors was discovered reviewing his lines, but, other than that, the practice has been going very smoothly.

Here is our director, Mr. Mark Raine, pretty much unheard of when it comes to the stage, but he's doing a fantastic job. One of these days Broadway will want him, but I'm planning to hire him first when I start my acting company named "Narrowway."

His daughter Emma runs the sound system, puts off explosions, etc.

And, sometimes, she does some directing of her own.

I'm happy to report that most of the watching audience here tonight did not share Aaron's reaction to the play.

Most of the spectators spoke highly of the play, and I'm sure all future audiences will as well.

Well, Carmen, I see the pulpit is being moved back into place onstage. That's a sure sign that things are being wrapt up here for the evening. So I'll be saying good night.

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