Saturday, September 4, 2010

An IFRC Baptism

The Sunday morning main attraction. Standing room only.

The kids' gallery was packed.

Someone really ought to herd these children away.

Mr. Raine gets out the lasso?

Do we really need heated water in August? Being on fire for the Lord would be harder in cold water I suppose.

Mr. Gordner wants to know how good the water feels. (I think he was about as "on fire" as he could stand. :)

Baptism is no joking matter.

Though it certainly is a joyous one.

And a drenching one.


There is great rejoicing in heaven (and on earth) over one sinner who repents.

I don't know about in Heaven, but, on earth, there is great rejoicing when a cheesecake makes it to the fellowship meal.

Saying goodbye to the dear Metarko family had its effect on our rejoicing.

The cake is cut, but not our ties in Christ.

For somebody who doesn't like coffee, she certainly does a good job making it. (And that's coming from another person who doesn't like coffee.)

Mr. Metarko, hounded by the paparazzi to the very end.

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