Saturday, October 30, 2010


This first photo reminds me of a limerick I read in Literature a few years ago:

There was a young man at Devizes,
Whose ears were of different sizes.

One was so small,

It was no use at all,

But the other won several prizes.

It took a good eye and a steady hand (not a big ear) to win that ribbon.

I'm curious what all these people who get blue are supposed to do? Get blue? At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, I admit that the Canadian method (first gets red and second gets blue) makes more sense. After all, if you only come in second, you might have something to feel blue about.

Dilettantes or connoisseurs?

Either way, if I were a cake, I would be shivering under my icing: these folks know how to pick cakes apart.

Is there anyone who doesn't think we should go that direction?

So much color - local color.

On display...

...packed away...

...time to add up all the pay.

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