Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Fun Night 2010

Duly registered and stickered.

Those ubiquitous Crocs.

It's all about getting caught. He can pretend that's not the goal, but it is.

Tikes on trikes.

Um, what do you call that thing on front? The engine?

Hurry up. The guys over there already have pants on their calf.

Not to mention suspenders.

What's up with the Krauters? Or should I ask, "What's down?"

"I've always dreamed of being in a three-legged race..." - Anne Shirley

The dust rises. Will they?

The suspense before.

And the publicity after.



Once again, a very balanced individual.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Hmm...

...wonder what you do when life gives you potatoes.

Speed-pick - that's what.

When is someone going to notice I have my bucket up?

An orange microphone and a clipboard - he's got to be important.

Now that's rejoicing with those that rejoice.

The Last Straw

Matthias and his eggplant.

Not sure who's getting strangled: the balloon or Charity.

The balloon is massaged back into shape...

...only to have its neck stretched a few minutes later.

Yup, that is what you think it is.
(That is, if you're thinking of the right thing.)

Egg-scellent catch.

A time for high-fives.

And a time for paper towels.

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