Saturday, February 20, 2010

We've all been fighting snow haven't we??

Some of us just go about it in unique ways.

(After last week's Mr. Bedelia post, I know you all thought Conrad was going a bit loony. Well, that Sat. afternoon when I found him out slaying a snowbank, I tended to agree.)

The Snowbank quakes back in retaliation.

This mighty snow warrior's message to all snowbanks is...

"Despair and melt!"


~Rebecca~ said...

If my brother Collin ever met your brother... lets just say there would be nary a snowflake on the ground!!


I like that portrait of Conrad with the sword, the colors and his expression is very nice.

Carmen M. said...

Oh, Rebecca, I wanted to tell you sometime... If you ever get into PA, you ought to stop by. We have a guest room and we'd enjoy meeting you.